Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Blog for Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy

I thought I would create a new blog to separate out my love of Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy from my other Fantasy RPG. Mythological & Folklore posts. So, this is just an introductory post.

The name is for one of the Trans-Neptunian planetoids or "dwarf planets" that have been discovered in our own solar system. Planetoids are not very large... smaller than our Moon, but they still can provide plenty of terrain and mystery for adventure!

Quaoar (pronounced "kwawar") is named after the creator god of the Tongva Native American tribe. It has a moon called Weywot. They are recently-discovered worlds waiting to be explored!

In my next post, I will take the theme of exploration into the Roleplaying Gaming realm as I create a character using the free PDF version of X-Plorers!

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